New Dundee is a city featured in 1994, the first city encountered in Saint of the States 3. It is located in the state of Magnolia. New Dundee is based off the city of New Orleans.

New Dundee is filled with many different cultures, just like real life New Orleans. It also has a notorious underworld, full of two-bit gangsters and drug dealers. The city is divided into 14 Districts and many Neighborhoods, and it straddles the Magnolia River.

New Dundeee is in the Southeast of Magnolia, and it borders several parishes, including Northshore to the North, Saint Chalmette to the East, Aquamines to the South, and Watts to the South and West.


East Bank

  • Scottish Quarter (French Quarter)
  1. Gordon Square (Jackson Square)
  2. Scotch Street (Bourbon Street)
  • Center Business District (Central Business District)
  1. Macbeth Plaza (Duncan Plaza)
  2. Civic Center
  3. Central Post Office
  4. Metaire Expressway (Pontchartrain Expressway)
  5. Ultradome (Megadome)
  • Center City (Central City)
  1. Mark Vandross Jr. Boulevard (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard)
  • Riverside East (East Riverside)
  • Tree Row (Garden District)
  1. Creole House (George Washington Cable House)
  2. General's Temple (Commander's Palace)
  3. Lamle Cemetery
  • French Channel (Irish Channel)
  • Lower Tree Row (Lower Garden District)
  • Italia (Milan)
  • St. Angus (St. Thomas Development)
  • Bullson (Touro)
  • University (Aubudon)
  • Carribia (Black Pearl)
  • Bartholotus (Broadmoor)
  • Winston (Dixon)
  • LaSalle (Freret)
  • Charlesgrove (Hollygrove)
  • East Castleton (East Carrolton)
  1. Litchen Street (Maple Street)
  • West Castleton (West Carrolton)
  1. Oak Street (Stark Street)
  2. Water Works
  • Redspring (Fountainbleau)
  • Uptown (Uptown and West Riverside)
  • St. Saloman (Bayou St. John)
  • Juniper Projects (Calliope Projects)
  • Fairtown (Fairgrounds)
  • Zion Town (Gert Town)
  1. Xavier's School for Youngsters (Xavier University of Louisiana)
  2. Castleton Avenue (Carrolton Avenue)
  3. Watts Boulevard (Jefferson Davis Boulevard)
  • Legenville (Iberville Projects)
  • Ward 7 (Seventh Ward)
  • Middle City (Mid-City)